3D Render Scene - The Coffeemaker

The image below is embeded using the code I provided on my Computer Graphics Blog.  Scroll a little bit and look for the white text box!

3D render Graphic Design
3D interior scene combining 3D model and scene of a Sci Fi coffeemaker
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 This is a beautiful 3D interior kitchen scene combining a futuristic 3D model sci-fi coffeemaker with a  great atmosphere. The coffeemaker is made up two parts, the pressure chamber :) and the angel that welcomes you in the morning, if you wish, or maybe just a cool lady with wings if you prefer this version better :) I really hope you enjoy it!

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The image below is embeded from deviantART from my Computer Graphics Gallery. 

3D Scene - The Coffeemaker by *mynorthshadow on deviantART


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